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Facebook & Instagram Advertizing


Many believe they have understood the practice of Social Media Marketing. Mistakenly so, you might have read advice that granted no long term effects.

To develop a successful Social Media strategy, you need to know all of the building blocks.

Every successful social media strategy begins with analysis and research. First I plan on helping you reach more customers through social media by researching & analyzing your and your competitors’ position in the industry.

Secondly, looking at the opportunities and treats that you are facing in your market will help us determine the direction that is best to face, followed by goals and expectations. They are crucial in determining the most profitable options for us to act upon.

Last is¬†execution.¬†For the creation of a successful Social Media Strategy, it is essential to develop¬†a core story. Different aspects of this core story will reach all of the segments you offer your¬†product/service to. Afterward,¬†proven content frameworks¬†will make the story¬†actionable¬†‚Äď it will drive the audience to act upon what they are experiencing and what you are offering.

Nonetheless, knowing the right tactics is also one of the determining factors for an efficient campaign. I will implement some of the latest and most developed tactics to reach your audiences and help your brand.

Is engaging your audience and generating more sales something you‚Äôd be interested in? Leave your email in the contact form ‚Äď I will get back to you with a¬†FREE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT TAILORED SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR BUSINESS.

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Google, YouTube & LinkedIn SEO

Many SEO providers can put your website at risk by using spammy and black hat practices. Some of them might even use old-school SEO methods like keyword stuffing and low-quality link building, with the thought of using white hat tactics that do you a favor ‚Äď but ultimately put your website in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, the algorithms behind the search engines could care less if your spammy SEO attempts were intentional or not when they analyze and rank your site. They penalize pages easily and won't hesitate just because they think you are confused about how things work.

A good SEO has a genuine interest in your business. Using deceptive and black hat tactics chasing short-term results is NOT beneficial and will only waste your money and obliterate your organic ranking. SEO today is no longer about stuffing keywords and having as many low-quality backlinks as possible.

For that reason, helping your business grow is my end goal. The step-by-step process that I use focuses purely and genuinely on your business.

First, understanding your situation, your business, and your clients are some of my top priorities. Having knowledge in the industry allows me, together with you, to set realistic and measurable goals that will ultimately increase your business.

Second in our cooperation is understanding the competitive environment and conducting analysis where I collect competitive intelligence. Having an extensive understanding of the situation allows me to find gaps that will help you to dominate the competition.

Next step is making those goals reality. By using some of the latest tactics, the same that proven industry leaders use, I can then generate results and grow your business.

Are you having a hard time understanding why SEO is helpful?Even if you are on top of the search engine, your competitors are coming. They are already doing SEO and implementing strategies that will eventually take a small portion of your business. Now think about how many of them there are. DON'T LET YOUR CLIENTS GO TO YOUR COMPETITORS.

Is getting more clients something you'd be interested in? Drop your email in the contact form, and I will get back to you with a FREE SEO AUDIT TAILORED SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR BUSINESS.

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

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Google Search & Display Ads, YouTube Video Ads

Advertising with Google AdWords is a more complex concept than many business owners, and marketers believe. Picking the right keywords and tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) correctly can be incredibly beneficial. However, done wrong it can take out a large portion of your revenue each and every day.

At the beginning of our cooperation, several aspects have to be taken care of.

Firstly, it is important to explore the market. Conducting a situational analysis will help us minimize potential losses and make the best out of profitable opportunities.

Second, it is important to find the key terms (a.k.a keywords) that would have the highest ROI (Return On Investment).

Next, it is critical to evaluate your competitors’ efforts, and the campaigns they are running that would additionally contribute to the implementation of a successful AdWords campaign.

Lastly, it is valuable to understand that PPC is a constantly evolvingmarketing platform that requires a ton of testing. Using advanced consumer behavior and psychology, I can help you get the best out of the platform and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Is implementing a profitable campaign and increasing your revenue something you’d be interested in? Fill in the contact form below, and I will get back to you with a FREE GOOGLE ADWORDS CONSULTATION TAILORED SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR BUSINESS.

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